Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Abby Tutu}

My girlfriend Jill ordered another tutu for her daughter Abby!  This time if was so she can cheer along with her big sister Jessie cheering for Triton High!  This time we did the tutu on ribbon. I think it turned out adorable! I can't wait to see how cute she looks in it! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Maddie Halloween Tutu}

A friend and good customer of mine wanted a Halloween color theme tutu for her daughter Maddie!  I think the orange and black embellished with a matching polkadot bow turned out adorable! Can't wait to see photos of her in it!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ashley, Brent and Carolyn!!! {birthday t-shirts, tutu's and headbands}

Another one of my Soul Cysters Megan wanted to get some cute birthday accessories for her children. She has the cutest triplets ever! So to celebrate Ashley, Brent and Carolyn's birthdays we did personalized birthday shirts for everyone and coordinating tutu's and headbands for the girls!  I think they turned out adorable! She each of their shirts she wanted to make their #1 personal. So Brent, her "little monkey" we did the monkey polka dot fabric, for Ashley her "ladybug" we found coordinate fabric and for Carolyn we did some pretty butterflies!

Happy 1st Birthday Brent! 
*aqua shirt, lime lettering, monkey print #1

Happy 1st Birthday Ashley! 
*pink onesie, lilac lettering, ladybug print #1

*mostly light purple tutu with pink and white, 
iridescent bow, pink flower head band

 Happy 1st Birthday Carolyn! 
*lilac onesie, pink lettering, butterfly print #1

*mostly pink tutu with purple and white,
 iridescent bow, purple flower head band

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Photo Blocks}

For Fathers Day I decided to make personalized photo blocks. I was inspired by some designs and ideas I has seen for sale and knew i could make something of my own!  I think they turned out pretty cute for a fist attempt!  I did 4 pictures to cover the sides and printed cardstock for the top and bottom.  Edges are painted in a brown for "antiquing".

I will be making and selling theses in varying sizes and in colors, designs and embellishments of your choosing!  You can also do words printed on the photos, or have a poem or saying on one or more sides. The ideas are endless! 

4x4 blocks start at $8 and go up with customization.  

Happy 1st Birthday Isabella! {Isabella Tutu}

One of my Soul Cysters Heather wanted to celebrate her daughters first birthday with a coordinating tutu to match her adorable cupcake t-shirt!  She looks absolutely beautiful! She definitely makes this tutu look cute!  

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Conor! {birthday t-shirt}

One of my fellow cysters little munchkin is turning one this month!! To celebrate his birthday in style we did a birthday t-shirt in his theme colors of green, yellow and brown with adorable little monkeys! I tried a new font thinking of the theme of "Curious George". I LOVE it!!! I think this has to be my favorite shirt so far, I can't wait to see pics of him in it!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Julianna!

 My cousin Melissa wanted to go all out and dress up her Daughter Julianna for birthday party! Sticking with the elmo theme I found this SUPER cute zebra print/elmo #3 personalized with her name on Etsy. Mom picked up a cute black tank top and we did a black,white and red tutu to coordinate!  I can't wait to see it all put together at her birthday party!! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY JULIANNA!!!

Evan and Sean's First Birthday!

Another one of my Soul Cysters Becky asked me to do 1st birthday t-shirts for her adorable little boys Evan and Sean!   She actually chose the same color scheme and style I have previously done so it made things really easy! I think they turned out adorable and can't wait to see how cute the boys make the shirts look!! HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY EVAN AND SEAN! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dress up your dog!!

I've had a ton of people express interest in tutu's for their dog! A great idea for parties, parades and halloween costumes! a great way to dress up your pet for family photos!

Here my g/f's dog Jeter is showing his Phillies pride in a red, white and blue tutu! 

Abdomen measurements and dog size (small, med, large) are needed. Small up to (18 inches) is $18 plain and $20 with a bow, 19 to 24 incehs $21 plain and $23 with a bow. Larger sizes please email me for FACEBOOK for a quote! :)

Doll Tutu's!!!

Doll tutu's are a great idea for your little girl who has outgrown the novelty of wearing a tutu for herself!  She can dress up her dolls to be a princess or ballerina. They can be made in any color or color combination!

Hair Clip Holders!

These cute hanging holders are great to keep all your little ones bows and hair clips organized. Giraffe, lady bug and zebra available. Top loop is long enough to hand on door knobs and other hooks.

On SALE: $4 each!

Headbands for sale!!!

In addition to the tutu's I have some adorable accessories for sale!

First up: Flower headbands. $5 each! please message me on FACEBOOK or click the email button.


My girlfriends daughter Zoe makes this hot pink tutu look absolutely!!! It totally goes with her fun and playful personality!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My girlfriend Kelly has an adorable daughter arianna! She's sporting the tutu named after her, it's a baby pink and yellow tutu, fun and sweet like her!!